Dear Members of the IIID Family

Welcome Monsoon! In Maharashtra we were desperately waiting for the rains. I hope we have good rains this year. We had the worst summer and our city has never faced the problems it is facing now. All this is happening because of bad design and callous attitude of us all. That is wher

e I strongly feel, that the Design Yatra of IIID with the mission of Taking Design to Masses can bring in the change. It is rightly poised and the timing is also perfect. Ar. Sanjeev Vidyarthi one of our panel speaker for DY has rightly justified the timing and the place for such mission. I am sure some of us turning activists for DY will make this as there mission for life. One of them will be me.

Our Saurashtra Centre added a lot of value besides the variety. The DY travelled twelve hundred kilometres in Saurashtra visiting craft regions of Saurashtra like, Hunnarshala, Khameer, Bhujodi learning traditional techniques of mud architecture and application of art and craft in contemporary interiors. Such projects are very satisfying. Our Saurashtra Centre has been awarded a project by the city Commissioner to restore the historical Bandstand in the centre of the city of Rajkot. You all should not miss to see the presentation which will be published in INSITE. Great work done Rajkot. Kiritbhai tamari Kirti Mahan che. Hareshbhai,Viralbhai and the entire team of Saurashtra Region, we are all proud of you.

In Ahmedabad, the Design Yatra was received by the first citizen Dr. Doshi along with the entire team of Ahmedabad. Interaction with the legendary architect B.V Doshi at ATMA House was a great experience. Jayashreeben you are a great leader who, in such a short time, could inspire the team and make a huge difference to DY. I can see the influence of the DY: a lot of IIID members are coming close to the organisation and getting involved in this mission. It is a great team building for IIID, ensuring a better future for the organisation. It is now in Jaipur and Dhiraj and his team are setting new standards.

Our other major focus being education in interior design, is superseding our expectations. Rajeev Sathe and his team have done exceptional work in last few months. We planned to have at least five more institutions in collaboration with IIID. I am happy to announce we already have more than thirty schools and colleges now running the IIID curriculum. It was nice to meet the Heads of these organisations in our HO and also get their support and appreciation for our efforts. We will begin faculty training workshops from October onwards. We are forced to do this as a separate foundation for education for better performance. We have started drafting the framework for the same. Soon we will have IIID’s Education Council.

As I write every sentence, I have news coming in from Jaipur about the continuing success of DY. I once again appeal to all the members to join this mission of taking DESIGN TO THE MASSES and BETTER EDUCATION IN INTERIOR DESIGN.

It is certainly going to bring the change we are looking for besides a glorious future for our organisation.

Pratap Jadhav, President – IIID