Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID) was formed in 1972 with the objective of establishing ethical practices in the trade & profession of interior designing and for providing a platform for sharing of information between members of the industry. Excellence in outlook and leadership has made IIID a nationally accepted body of interior designers in India. Support from like-minded interior designers has flowed-in from every corner of the country to spur IIID initiatives forward. Today, IIID has over 5500 members & 22 Regional Chapters/Centres spread across the country.

The core philosophy of IIID is aptly described through its Mission Statement -
“To consolidate and expand contribution of the Interior Design Profession towards improving quality of life in contemporary and future societies by sharing of knowledge and experience and the understanding of responsibilities.”

With a view to convert its ideas into action, IIID -

  • Encourages and fosters ideals of the profession.
  • Promotes fellowship and ethical conduct.
  • Advances common interests of members.
  • Acts for the common benefits of members.
  • Communicates and co-operates with similar bodies- both national as well as international.
  • Encourages co-operation between designers, affiliated professions, other artists and traders.
  • Promotes research and scientific work in connection with interior designing.
  • Publishes information related to interior designing and related trades.

For the benefit of the industry and interior designers, IIID undertakes several regular activities and efforts, which include –

  • INSITE – A high-class periodical created with the needs of professional interior designers kept in mind, as a collaborative arrangement with Akar InfoMedia Pvt. Ltd. (AIM).
  • IIID MK Awards – A national-level annual competition for completed works held to promote excellence in interior designing .
  • IIID-Godrej Innovations – A national level annual competition for the design of a product or a piece of furniture which can be mass produced.
  • IIID-Society INTERIOR Trophy – A Documentation project for students of recognized Interior Design Schools across the country.
  • CONVENTIONS – The national convention is held bi-annually by IIID on a regular basis to deliberate on issues related to the trade and profession of interior designing.
  • SHOWCASE – One of the best national trade shows on interior designing, and the best show for professional interior designers.

In 1995, IIID became a full member of IFI - International Federation of Interior Designers, which is the apex international body of interior designers. IIID is also a member of the APSDA-Asia Pacific Space Designers Association and an associate of the JDF-Japan Design Foundation.