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Delve into India’s historic buildings with Vikas Dilawari

An insight into the long and eventful journey of Vikas Dilawari - one of India's leading conservation architects and the proud recipient of HUDCO’s First Prize in Conservation (2021)!

Picture from the  restoration of the  Chhatrapati Shivaji  Maharaj Vastu  Sangrahalaya Museum  (CSMVS), Mumbai

Vikas Dilawari, a conservation architect, does not just restore decrepit buildings all over India but rather safeguards our culture, history and nostalgia associated with them. With a practice of three decades and over fifty buildings restored, why did a young architect back in the ’90s choose the road less travelled? 

View of the iconic  Royal Bombay Yacht  Club, Mumbai,  restored in 2010

Ar. Vikas Dilawari
Ar. Vikas Dilawari
Vikas Dilawari is a conservation architect from India known to have restored and conserved over 50 buildings in his career spanning three decades. Several of his projects have won the UNESCO ASIA PACIFIC Awards for Cultural Preservation in South East Asia. He was also the Head of the Department of Conservation at Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute of Architecture (KRVIA), Mumbai, from its inception in 2007 till Aug 2014.  

Text & Images : Aishwarya Khurana

Images: Procured from the architect

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