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Ar. Diana Kellogg on The Rajkumari Ratnavati Girls School, Rajasthan

Ar. Diana Kellogg - the founder and principal of Diana Kellogg Architects, known for her high-end New York residences, has expanded her portfolio to include the design of the Rajkumari Ratnavati Girls School in India. She previously focused on upscale residential projects but has recently shifted towards social change initiatives.

Picture from the  restoration of the  Chhatrapati Shivaji  Maharaj Vastu  Sangrahalaya Museum  (CSMVS), Mumbai

Sandstone architecture is synonymous with the architecture of Rajasthan, over the past many centuries. Sustainability – long before it became a trending catchphrase – was deeply ingrained in the Indian subconscious. Use of locally available materials and construction techniques to reduce ambient temperatures have been observed in the forts and palaces that were built in ancient times! Water harvesting techniques have been an integral part of Indian civilization, and particularly employed in arid regions like Rajasthan.

After independence, the nation was struggling to get back on its feet, to break free from centuries of slavery and plunder by the British, Mughals and other invaders and simultaneously create a new identity. In this process the iinculcation of traditional building technologies took a backseat, and was lost to the younger generations. Also the Industrial revolution brought an onslaught of new materials, faster construction time, and got more employment opportunities.

View of the iconic  Royal Bombay Yacht  Club, Mumbai,  restored in 2010

AR. Diana Kellogg
New York City-based Diana Kellogg Architects is committed to sustainable design. Founded in 1992 by Diana Kellogg, the award-winning firm got its start in high-end residential but has evolved in its latter years into nonprofit and community work. 

Text & Images : Aishwarya Khurana

Images: Procured from the architect

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