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Ar. Seema Puri builds a climate-responsive home in Mathura

Ar. Seema Puri Mullan prefers a simplistic approach to design. Seema believes that architecture, landscape and interior design should be designed in a way that they blend and erase barriers between the inside and the outside, the built and the unbuilt. A deep-rooted understanding of climate-responsive and sustainable design sees the dynamic architect constantly pushing the boundaries and creating avant garde architecture.

Picture from the  restoration of the  Chhatrapati Shivaji  Maharaj Vastu  Sangrahalaya Museum  (CSMVS), Mumbai

There’s something about residential design that sets it apart from other

design typologies. Particularly interesting are residential projects that encompass architecture, landscaping and interior design.

A home is an embodiment of a family’s dreams and aspirations, it holds memories and builds bonds. Therefore, an added responsibility in home designing is that besides respecting the client’s brief and budget, the architect must also perceive and pre-empt the unspoken, implicit and intangible elements of their psychological and sociocultural needs and deliver those in the final design.

View of the iconic  Royal Bombay Yacht  Club, Mumbai,  restored in 2010

Ar. Vikas Dilawari
Ar. Seema Puri
SEZA Architects & Interior Designers is a Mumbai-based practice co-founded by architects Seema Puri and Zarir Mullan. The acclaimed and award winning studio has delivered several stellar projects spanning residential, 
commercial, retail architecture and 
interiors all over the country. 
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Text & Images : Aishwarya Khurana

Images: Procured from the architect

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