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Rajasthan International Centre designed by Jaipur-based Pramod Jain & Associates was intended as a platform for dialogue between intellectuals, artisans, professionals, public servants, entrepreneurs and people from Rajasthan, India and abroad. Creating a network for sharing their knowledge and experience, it serves as a cultural hub for fostering cross-cultural understanding and socio- economic development. The true magic of RIC lies in the spirit of inclusivity and collaboration that it embodies.

Picture from the  restoration of the  Chhatrapati Shivaji  Maharaj Vastu  Sangrahalaya Museum  (CSMVS), Mumbai

Weaving a tale of regal charm and cultural fusion amidst the sands of Rajasthan, the building of Rajasthan International Centre exemplifies the Government’s initiatives aimed at harmonising local and global forces for cultural and social innovation. A design competition was conducted inviting participation from eminent Indian architects. The design proposed by Pramod Jain and Associates was adjudged the winner and the firm was awarded the project. Inaugurated in April 2023, the Centre hosts cultural events and national conferences. Ar. Pramod Jain envisioned this space as a seamless amalgamation of traditional Rajasthani architectural elements with contemporary design principles. “It seamlessly intertwines tradition with modern technology, breaking geographical and metaphorical borders.” It is designed on the lines of the Indian International Centre, New Delhi. Retaining the topography of the site, the main entrance gazes westward, while its counterpart the exhibition centre summons from the east creating dual entry points to the site. This design embraces sustainability with a flair. The building’s form incorporates squares placed at a 45° angle, symbolising the sacred geometry from Hindu mythology representing the earth.

View of the iconic  Royal Bombay Yacht  Club, Mumbai,  restored in 2010

Text : Ar. Manasi Nighot

Images: Courtesy The Architect

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