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This season of Asian Paints’ home décor series, ‘Where the Heart Is’ features celebrity homes. Our celeb this month is well-known film director Karan Johar who shares his home with his mother and his twins. Karan, despite his flamboyance and flair, is known to be a homebody, a devoted son and a doting father. Let’s see him at ‘home’!

Think of Karan Johar – and can flamboyance and flair be far behind? An unusual and eclectic dressing sense marks his iconic style quotient. The same aesthetic carries over into his home – as we discover in the third season of Asian Paints Where The Heart Is. The eclectic home is a potpourri of décor elements and art pieces that showcase his personal preference for luxury and opulence.

“A home has to be in conjunction with your aesthetic and has to be practical for movement,” says the prolific film-maker and producer. Wisely said, indeed. This is what makes a house a home. The spaces in a house become yours only after they get infused with the occupants’ own life and personality. "An ideal home is a result of your personality. Coming back home means coming back to peace," says Karan – reiterating his reputation of being a home-loving soul. His home, he says, is a sanctuary, a place of tranquillity in a loud, noisy world. Given his profession, his personality and his popularity, he surely must live in a crowded place with no personal space during work hours.

Text : Ar. Roopa Sabnis Pinge

Images : Courtesy Asian Paints

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